eLearning Africa Report

The eLearning Africa Report 2014 provides a yearly snapshot of progress and perspectives in the field of technology-enabled learning across the continent.

Combining news, features, interviews, literature, survey results and, for the first time this year, an extensive reference section, it is the most comprehensive guide there is to the facts, experiences and opinions that lie behind ICT4E and ICT4D developments today.

News Portals

The ONLINE EDUCA News Portal is the leading online platform for sharing information about ICT-enhanced learning and training.

The eLearning Africa News Portal is the only platform of its kind for sharing news about ICT. Our German news portal SprachenNetz presents the latest news on language learning and intercultural communications.


10th International Fair for Higher and Continuing Education
April 24 – 25, 2015, Berlin, Germany

21st International Conference on Technology Supported Learning & Training
December 2 – 4, 2015, Berlin, Germany

ONLINE EDUCA BERLIN is the largest global e-learning conference for the corporate, education and public service sectors. More than 2000 high-level decision-makers from all sectors of the education and training industry meet in the heart of Europe to shed light upon the future of ICT in education and training.

The 7th Berlin Forum on Technology and Learning Trends for School
December 2, 2015, Berlin, Germany

eLearning Africa 2015 to take place in Ethiopia!

eLearning Africa 2015 is to take place in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, from 20th – 22nd May 2015.