What to expect at OEB MidSummit: A few highlights

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  • 13th March 2017

What to expect at OEB MidSummit: A few highlights

OEB MidSummit – the new “thinkference”, at which education experts, Edtech entrepreneurs and an assortment of thinkers, analysts and administrators from around the world reflect on some fundamental questions for global education, will take place in Reykjavik from June 8 – 9, 2017.

Questions up for discussion at MidSummit include:

  • Who is shaping today’s digital learning agenda and why? Is their vision utopian or dystopian?
  • What will tomorrow’s learning experience be like?
  • What can we learn from the way our brains work about the best methods to engage learners?
  • How can technology make leadership development available to the masses, rather than just the elite?
  • In an age of disinformation and ‘fake news,’ how can we teach discernment and help students and citizens to distinguish truth from falsehood?

To learn more about OEB MidSummit’s programme please visit our website.

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