ICWE is a European-based international research and media company that believes in connecting people – bringing people from different countries, cultures and sectors together to meet, discuss, study, learn, campaign and work for change. At the heart of our vision is a particular interest in development, innovation, education, training, learning, technology, health and agriculture.

We specialise in publications and surveys including market analysis, benchmarks and reports; developing resources and networks for the transfer of knowledge and expertise; showcasing sustainable education solutions; building communities of practice; offering trainings and learning opportunities; organising large-scale events in locations around the world; as well as public relations and communication campaigns.

Our clients range from professional societies and associations, governments, NGOs, IGOs, IFIs, large scale corporations, foundations and Think Tanks, and other organisations in a number of industries including internationalisation of education, digital learning, education and science, telecommunications and ICT, languages and culture, audio visual translation, publishing and media, agriculture, public libraries, health, community building, youth and entrepreneurship, international mobility and others.

Over the years, ICWE has established and maintained a broad and comprehensive international contact database, covering all sectors of education, training, ICT4E and e-learning. This has been a valuable resource for sharing information for its clients’ activities and projects.


Our global outlook and service-oriented approach has led to ICWE organising and staging events in 80 locations worldwide. Whether it’s large-scale conferences, seminars, leadership forums, ministerial round tables, workshops or trade exhibitions, our events are the leaders in their field.


By bringing high-level decision-makers and key players from a variety of sectors together we facilitate knowledge exchange, build communities of practice and foster better understanding of important issues.


ICWE’s events, campaigns and publications offer a window on the most significant developments across a range of sectors and regions, as well as an unparalleled opportunity to engage with leading thinkers, service providers and buyers.


Education is the backbone of ICWE, and we know that best way to educate is through example. That is why corporate social responsibility (CSR) is incorporated in everything we do. For us, business success and CSR are two sides of the same coin, and we achieve them at a global as well as local level.

Social responsibility

ICWE operates on a principle of equal opportunities, diversity, and eliminating discrimination in every aspect of our work. A job at ICWE means safe and healthy working conditions, and career development based on equal opportunities. We consciously ensure no individual or group is treated more or less favourably than another on grounds of ethnic origin, nationality, age, disability, gender, sexual orientation, race or religion. To us, employees are to be valued and respected, and our company construction ensures a viable work-life balance for them. It is not only as a place of work where CSR is enshrined at ICWE. It can also be witnessed through the selection of our partners and suppliers who guarantee social responsibility. For example, that they adhere to providing safe, fair and healthy working conditions, do not use child labour, and only supply ethically produced products.

Areas of expertise

Early childhood development
Primary and secondary education
Higher and further education
Vocational training
Workplace learning
Life-long learning
Media literacy
Foreign language learning and services
Work placement programmes
International student recruitment

Knowledge management
E-Agriculture and e-environment
Science and research
Extractive industries
Security and emergency services

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