Service Oriented

Through our service oriented approach and wide-ranging expertise, we aim to provide high-quality events and communication campaigns that catalyse change, knowledge dissemination and networking in a variety of sectors.
We believe in connecting people. With wide-ranging expertise in events and communications projects we help spark ideas, inspire change and enhance networking. Through sharing knowledge and understanding, ICWE hopes to empower people to bring about meaningful change.

By doing what we do – bringing people together to communicate with one another and facilitating meaningful dialogues – we hope to broaden horizons, develop opportunities and change society.

Global Reach

We are a company with a truly global reach. We bring people from different countries and cultures together to meet, discuss, study, learn, campaign and work for change.

At the heart of our vision is a particular interest in development, innovation, learning and teaching. We believe that education is a vital part of the life of every human being.

We are proud that our events and campaigns have contributed many causes, including the enhancement of primary, secondary and tertiary education, the promotion of lifelong learning, intellectual copyright, sustainable management, agriculture and health best-practice promotion in developing regions, youth engagement initiatives, advocacy campaigns for minority groups and the sharing of knowledge among diverse communities.


ICWE’s events, campaigns and publications offer a window on the most significant developments across a range of sectors and regions, as well as an unparalleled opportunity to engage with leading thinkers, service providers and buyers.